10 Gorgeous Glamorous Eye Shadows

Glamorous eyeshadows are becoming very popular and you’ll even see them used more casually by many. This glamorous eyeshadow makeup trend allows you to use many different eyeshadow shades that you may have never thought of using before. They also look gorgeous matched to one or more pieces of your attire or accessories. Keep watching […]

DIY Natural Looking Makeup

Here are some simple and easy tips to follow to get that flawless natural looking makeup that you can use daily. It’s very likely that you are already using most of these products but the following tips will ensure you get that beauty makeup that accentuates your facial features and just simply makes you look […]

Fashion Trend Highlights

The 2017 Fashion Trend Highlights seem to be ones to stay trending for quite some time. Check out these trend highlights that I’m sure you’ll love. STRIPES Stripes have been trending for the past few seasons and we will continue to see them throughout 2017. Keeping a couple striped pieces in your wardrobe will be a […]

Five Shoes Every Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe!

Fashion trends come an go and each season we see different shoe styles, but there are certain styles of shoes that simply never go out of style. If you are looking to increase the value of your wardrobe, make sure you invest in a pair of the following styles. Pumps Are the most versatile style of […]

Amazing Beauty Products You Must Know!

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with so many beauty and skin products out in the market and not really knowing which ones to try out? This definitely sounds like me every time I walk by the beauty counters. I know I need a good moisturizer and an awesome primer, as well as something to cover […]

Emotions Captured in Illustrations That You Can Almost Feel!

Ever heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”?  The works of this Korean Illustrator named Zipcy are the perfect proof that an image, a picture, a drawing is much more than just that. Zipcy’s work captures emotions with such perfection that you will feel the emotions presented in each one of her […]

Tips to Maintain Beautiful Skin!

Do you struggle to maintain a good healthy looking skin despite having tried so many different products? The secret to having beautiful skin may be easier than you think! You can obtain that natural glowing skin on your face by following a few simple tips. Don’t use heavy-duty cleansers The best cleansers are mild, non-detergent […]

Perfect Breakfast! Your Mornings Will Never Be The Same!

A perfect breakfast! I live in a very fast paced city, where the luxury of sitting down and enjoying my perfect breakfast every morning is nearly impossible since I have over an hour of traffic to get to work. But I love researching breakfast ideas that I can at least enjoy on the weekends. I […]

Beautiful Photography – Capturing The Best Moments In Life!

Have you ever felt like wanting to just freeze time and live in that moment forever? It’s in those happiest and most unforgettable moments in life, that we wish time could simply stop and stay in that moment forever by photography.So, While it’s obviously impossible to really freeze time, it’s not impossible to immortalize moments. […]