Gorgeous Glamorous Eye Shadows

Glamorous eyeshadows are becoming very popular and you’ll even see them used more casually by many. This glamorous eyeshadow makeup trend allows you to use many different eyeshadow shades that you may have never thought of using before. They also look gorgeous matched to one or more pieces of your attire or accessories. Keep watching I’M ADDICTED TO YOU on Facebook to learn step-by-step how to perfectly apply your glamourous eyeshadows.

You’ll love matching your eyeshadow tones with your purse, shoes or even a scarf. This will certainly set you apart from the crowd, without a doubt you’ll have many loving your makeup and style altogether, or simply wondering whether you’re a fashion guru. hen you know how to match your eyeshadow with your attire without overdoing it, you simply spread elegance around you wherever you go. Whether it’s a casual gathering, a business meeting or your best friends birthday party, you will definitely stand out with elegance. Here are 7 beautiful glamorous eyeshadow styles that are super easy to apply and they’ll make you look like a superstar. Remember to watch the step-by-step tutorials for these glamorous eyeshadow make-ups at I’M ADDICTED TO YOU on Facebook.

The use of gel shadows and bright colors are perfect to obtain a dramatic eye look and of course, use either liquid eyeliner or a pencil and line the inner lids with black eyeliner. Lastly, use a good and dark mascara on the top and bottom eyelashes, and if you want to get an even more glamourous and dramatic eye look, use fake eyelashes which will make both your eyes and eye makeup stand out dramatically.

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