DIY Natural Looking Makeup

Here are some simple and easy tips to follow to get that flawless natural looking makeup that you can use daily. It’s very likely that you are already using most of these products but the following tips will ensure you get that beauty makeup that accentuates your facial features and just simply makes you look gorgeous.

First Step: apply your choice of foundation with a foundation brush throughout your entire face and then finish blending with a sponge to ensure you get the foundation evenly spread.

Second Step: apply concealer around your eyes, in your t-zone and in areas where your facial expressions are mostly marked, in this example as you can see concealer was also applied to the lines that form around the mouth especially when you talk and smile which is probably a very common area of focus for a lot of us. Additionally, applying concealer to your jawbone area is also a great way to highlight your face to get a livelier and glowing natural make up look.

Third Step: apply translucent powder to the areas where you applied the concealer and blend to all areas of the face to set both the foundation and concealer for a longer lasting flawless look.

Fourth Step: apply contouring highlights and shadows to your entire face, under your cheekbones, around your jaw bone, on the sides of your nose, on your forehead crown, etc.

Fifth Step: apply a nice peachy blush that suits you for an everyday anytime use to get that healthy young look that you’ll absolutely love.

Sixth Step: apply a maroon tone eyeshadow to your complete eyelids with an eyeshadow brush and make sure to blend it out thoroughly.

Seventh Step: apply cream brown or black eyeliner and smudge the eyeliner to give it a less defined more natural look.

Eighth Step: Lastly, apply a good mascara to your eyelashes to dress up the eyeshadow and eyeliner and accentuate your eyes which are the most important when doing makeup.

Although common and simple, using all of these makeup tips together really make a difference in your everyday makeup use. I’m sure you will love looking at yourself throughout the day, very natural yet flawless and younger looking!

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Matt Rafiee


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