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I am addicted to you - Zayn Malik Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Twitter Fight 1

Zayn Malik Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Twitter Fight

This morning, One Direction member Louis Tomlinson €” Zayn Malik Calvin Harris Taylor Swift Twitter Fight (who notoriously had a Twitter fight with Zayn Malik a couple months ago €”declared himself as Team Calvin ). And he did it with a sneaky little favorited tweet:” you’ve made your money?Cool…fuck the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right?Yeah fuck em

Having realized that all it takes to stir up a social media shitshow is a single well-placed retweet, Zayn Malik is at it again. Picking his target perhaps because she just chose to highlight his ex Perrie Edwards’ girl band Little Mix on her tour, Zayn retweeted message this afternoon and when it is summed it’s comparing and contrasting Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus’ attitudes toward their music and its monetary value, and not painting T-Swift in the best view.

Taylor’s boyfriend and shirtless knight Calvin Harris will have none of it. He threw some tweets out there calling out Zayn in turn, and shit soon got messy.

For the record, Calvin is nine years older than Zayn, so the whole dentures dis seems to be coming rather out of left field €”and to contextualize British slang, “knickers” here is particularly meant to imply granny panties. Ageism is real, I guess? And goodness knows we’re not here to stop celebrities fighting on Twitter especially when it’s nonsensical, except this is a little bit exhausting.