I am addicted to you - Your Significant Others Have To Say Something About Your Best Outfits 3

Your Significant Others Have To Say Something About Your Best Outfits


When we are in a relationship, it is not about €˜only me’ anymore. It’s about €˜us’ and what €˜he’ thinks. This is true even for what you wear and the clothes you buy. You often end up wondering if he’ll like it or if that dress can give off the wow factor. It can be hard to make a look your partner loves and you’re into, too €”  and honestly, sometimes we don’t really care about  looking “sexy”  or getting approval from the guy or gal sitting across the table. But there are days when you want to make a very good impression on your other half and for that we checked in with some of our nearest and dearest. The result? A long, helpful, and oftentimes very funny list of outfits  the men in our lives  just can’t get enough of. Some of these (totally unedited) responses will surprise you, some won’t at all, and others just might inspire you. These include the following:   “Anything Striped” “Cropped Trousers, a Classic Sweater, and Modern Loafers” “Any Dress She Wears to a Wedding” “You Look Best in Workout Clothes””Cutoff Shirts””Lingerie!””Outfits That Show Off Your Features””Black Dresses””A Little White Dress”A Jumpsuit”Jeans and Black Tank Tops””When You Wear My Shirts and Sweaters””A Tank Top and Soffe Shorts” “PJs” “I Really Like the Black Dress With the Spaghetti Strings” “Any Outfit That Screams Yoga Class or Backpacking Trip” “Zebra or Tiger Print” “I Like When You Wear a Tank Top and Cutoff Jean Shorts”. We hope this list will help you in deciding your outfits for different occasions when you really want to impress him. Good Luck!