Yoga girl

The Story Of Yoga Girl And Her Cute Goat Yoga Partner

Rachel Brathen, The yoga girl who is well known on Instagram. To an outsider, Rachel lives the dream in Aruba, with her handsome surfer husband, Dennis and a healthy outdoor existence. Her Instagram account shows her clad in bikinis and practicing yoga near the sea or running down the beach with her dog at sunset.

Rachel also has a pet goat by the name Penny Lane. She received it as a Christmas present from her husband. Rachel and her goat now practice yoga together. She is also a published author and runs an animal rescue center with Dennis.

Her mantra is living life slowly, meditating and practicing yoga daily. The yoga sequences in Rachel’s book are designed to be easy for beginners to practice. The book also has a chapter on meditation and recipes for herbal teas, salads and soups. Rachel, the yoga girl, encourages people to celebrate the good things in life since their bodies do a lot for them daily. According to her, it is easy to have an exercise routine when one appreciates what the body can do.

The best kind of mountain climbing! Goat and Yoga Girl!





But this past Christmas, her husband had a surprise for her: a goat!

Penny Lane just loves to hang out







She follows Rachel everywhere, and always wants to participate