I am addicted to you - YOGA FOR PERIOD CRAMPS 5


Moving around strength sound like the total €‹worst €‹ thing when you’re sidelined with period cramps, however for this situation, you’ll be cheerful if you did YOGA. “Regularly while I am experiencing personality desensitizing cramps, I will lay flat out on my belly to get into Bow Pose,” says Stephanie Birch, California-based yogi and picture taker. “I used to twist up in a ball seeking for relief, yet there is something so advantageous in lying face-down, adding weight to the cramping regions of the body €‹.” €‹

Beyond period pain relief, Bow Pose is said to fortify the abs and lower back, and it assuages weakness and anxiety. Here, Birch demonstrates to us how it’s done.

€‹Step 1:

Lie on your belly, laying one cheek on your mat, palms around your sides. Press the highest points of your feet into the ground €‹ €‹.

€‹Step 2:

Bring your chin onto the mat. Lift your arms up and back behind you. Bend both knees and catch the exterior of your feet or lower legs with a firm grasp to set up the lift. €‹

€‹Step 3:

As you breathe in, gradually lift the chest forward and up by squeezing your feet into your hold. Keep your knees hip-width separated. Look forward or down at the ground before you.

€‹Step 4:

At your pace, start to rock forward and back on your belly, from the highest point of your rib cage down to your pelvis. €‹

€‹Step 5:

After 5 to 10 breaths, release the hold on your breathe out and drop down to rest the inverse cheek on you’re mat.