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Here Is The World’s New Favorite Shoe – The Most Comfortable Heel

Attention, attention! The World has its new favorite shoe! And it’s better than you can imagine. Thank your lucky stars for the world of fashion has just embraced possibly the most female friendly shoe ever.

Yes, as you’ve probably already guessed, that means that you can finally say goodbye to the uncomfortable stilettos and bulky towering platforms. And no, that does not mean that you will be left condemned to the boring simple flats and unattractive sportswear. The world’s new favorite shoe is way more gorgeous than that.

High heels look great, yes, and they make your legs look long and lean. However, not many of us are all too skillful running in them on a rainy day, or all too crazy about wearing them during a long and tiring workday. This is why the shoe gods have gifted us with this lovely sample of footwear, that has in no time become the new favorite shoe of many excited (and grateful) ladies all over the world.

The world’s new favorite shoe – a touch of elegance and comfort

These new shoes feature a low, thick heel combined with an adorable ladylike design, that provides you with the fashionable elegance and comfort at the same time. Only by a quick look at the world’s new favorite shoe, we can tell it’s been inspired by sixties, the period of classic genteel and womanly wear with a strong sense for chic, yet comfortable elegance. Thus, if like us, you too appreciate looking effortlessly cool on every occasion, without an imperative of hurting feet, this sweet trendy shoe is very likely to become your new favorite shoe, too.


There are plenty to choose from, for these block heels come in various shapes, colors and materials. Have fun choosing between simple leather and suede variants, or more bold, glossy forms. We are sure you’ll look stylish in each pair you choose!

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