Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Pools That Look Almost Unreal

While we’re excitedly waiting for the official start of the summer, here’s the list of the most beautiful pools in the world to pass some time and perhaps pick some cool travel idea.


Check out some of the most beautiful pools in the world


1- Gold Energy Pool, Lhasa, Tibet

This amazing glittering pool with gold tiles is a part of the exclusive five-star resort St. Regis in Lhasa. For $300 per night, you don’t only get an access to this warm and comforting salted pool, but also a jaw-dropping Himalayan view.



2- Jade Mountain Resort Pool, Saint Lucia, Caribbean

Jade Mountain is a secluded resort on Saint Lucia island, that includes a private beach, a magnificent view from each room and excellent spa treatments.



3- Havasu Falls Natural Pool, Supai, Arizona

This magical place is the perfect choice for everyone looking for an authentic swimming experience. Havasu Falls Pool is not only known for being one of the most beautiful pools in the world but also for the interesting culture of the local Havasupai tribe.



4- Chongwe River House Pool, Zambia

In this quirkily designed Zambian hotel, you can enjoy the safari experience while swimming in cool water. The resort features an incredible deck from which you can watch the wildlife while sipping your cocktail.



5- The Cambrian Hotel Pool, Adelboden, Switzerland

The view of the breathtaking scenery of the Swiss Alps while relaxing in a pool kind of sums it up.



6- Belmond Hotel Caruso Infinity Pool, Ravello, Italy

The refurbished palace from the 11th century, located right on the cliffs beside Amalfi Coast, offers a ‘balcony view’ of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Set at the highest point of Ravello, the spectacular pool of this hotel is an architectural masterpiece that provides an incomparable view of mountains and the coastline below.



7- The San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool, Algarrobo, Chile

This luxury resort claims to be the owner of the world’s largest swimming pool. Just imagine 1 kilometer of seawater stretched along a private beach covered in white sand.



8- Crocosaurus Cove Pool, Darwin, Australia

While no one can deny that this pool is definitely one of the most amazing pools in the world, it’s definitely not for everyone. More precisely, it’s not for anyone who is not an adrenaline junkie. When you jump inside, your main worry won’t be the color of your new bikini but the safety of your   protected cage you’ll be inside of, for you won’t be swimming alone. Among the 200 species that live in the pool, there are also the largest saltwater crocs that can grow up to 5 meters.



9- Nemo 33 Pool, Brussels, Belgium

This pool is inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s deepest pool. It was specifically designed for divers and for anyone who’d like to take their first diving lesson or need just a little practice.



10- The Oberoi Udaivilas Pool, Udaipur, India

The Oberoi Udaivilas resort is a fairytale-worthy palace stretching over 55 acres and featuring big gardens and an amazing pool with a view of Pichola Lake.



You are probably in a temptation to go and visit all these places just to swim in these pools. Well, we don’t blame you. They all are really special and each has that special touch. While just looking at these photos,  we just forget about the sea. Who need the sea when you can be in heaven like this? So, try to plan your next vocation in one of these places to try out one of these beautiful pools. Of course, there are many more in this world but we wanted to give you a short list so you can pick easily. Even though it is a tricky task to pick even among these. Imagine if we would have give you 10 or 20 more. By now you would be totally lost. Therefore, check once again the ones we presented here and enjoy your time in one of them. You can even leave us a comment about your experience. For some people traveling is a one time life experience and if you are among them, then you deserve to be in one of these places. Take your family and give them a getaway about which they will talk about their entire life.