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The World of Fashion After Donald Trump Being President

Imagine the year is 2017… Donald Trump has become president, within moments after he was inaugurated, his first order of business was to designate a fashion czar. The new free world leader has placed an executive order to ban all clothing covering the woman’s body. A special squad is deployed to see whether the regulations and rules are obeyed. The cleavage to coverage ratio is a main priority.

After Donald Trump being president,the new military age has began and the special female personal militia of Donald Trump launched a special line called ‘the new woman era’. His special women brigade is required to wear olive drab bikinis with a camouflage hand bands and leg warmers. (Let’s face it folks , Donald is still stuck in the eighties). For the men, Trumps toy soldiers won’t sport a butch buzz cut, now comb-overs will be the standard military cut along with a giant “T” arm band.

After Donald Trump being  president, all domestic house wives will be required to wear polka-dotted aprons to resemble 1950’s era. All men will need to wear their pants to their mid-chest like a bad James Cagney film.

The rules for professional clothing are printed in every firm- form fitting is a must! Dark colors, according to new foreign policy and the launched wars against every possible opponent out there, are obligatory.  Loud red lipstick , giant hoop earrings and tube-tops are standard requirements for all blue collar women.

After Donald Trump becomes president the fashion police has a new meaning. Donald Trump reasserted his role as a president in charge of all beauty contests in the United States as a fashion guru. His fashion police accompanies him on every event just to make sure that the rules are obeyed and that the fashion mind set is unified throughout the entire nation.

All in all, the new era in fashion began . The old models don’t apply anymore , and he made sure that all fashion weeks are held under his strict supervision. It’s ok, because you can vote again in 4 years!