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The Confusing World Of Donald Trump And His Awkward Rhetoric

When referring to the Iran nuclear deal, Donald Trump said that we get nothing for the $150 billion we give them. However, this claim is not only an overly high estimate, for the real figure is much closer to $100 billion, according to experts, but is also completely inaccurate (except for the name of the country addressed).

While Donald Trump is making it sound like we’re giving Iran $150 just for fun, that money already belongs to Iran to begin with – just it’s been frozen due to the many economic sanctions imposed against the country. And in exchange for removing the sanctions, the U.S., along with its allies, gets to block Iran from attaining nuclear weapons in the near future.

Just another false claim in the campaign. Nothing new. What worries us more is the following:

What is Donald Trump saying?

It seems that Donald Trump keeps on forgetting where he comes from. But we are here to remind all of you. Donald Trump, so loud with his divisive rhetoric and open speech against immigrants, was born in a family of immigrants who came to the U.S. from Europe around 1930. And now, HE wants to make America great again by bringing back the slavery from 1619. Kind of ironic, right?

Donald Trump

While we can’t deny that his engagement in the presidential election has been making the whole thing significantly less boring, to witness the lack of respect for both American people and all the immigrants standing next to the American flag and making our country as great as it is, is truly demoralizing.

This whole thing somewhat reminds us of the Miss Universe fiasco in 2015, when a wrong candidate was crowned as the beauty pageant winner, but then the crown was taken away from her only a couple of minutes later and given to another beauty – converting the, until dead event, to the most talked about news. Right now, we’re seemingly witnessing the same kind of thing, only this time the crown is being put on the head of the founder of the Miss Universe contest, not because of his extraordinary outer or inner beauty, but to put the otherwise boring elections into the spotlight of America and the rest of the world. However, when is someone finally going to jump out and say ‘Oops, we’ve made a mistake’ and end this madness? Because this is going too far.

Don’t forget that many people talked about banning the contest for the racist comments made by Donald Trump, aimed at the Latino population. Today, however, his divisive rhetoric extends itself to attack everyone: Muslims, Latinos, the black people, it doesn’t matter. And, surprisingly enough, it seems to be accepted and supported by the shockingly big amount of people – the people who probably don’t get that their negative energy is being misused for the sole purpose of making the election more engaging.

Donald Trump