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I am addicted To You - Words Hurt Confident Women Too 1

Words Hurt Confident Women Too


We all experienced nights out, and hangover that are bound to wait for use in the morning. It is a part of life, and one of life’s greatest pleasures is going out with friends and unwinding just a tad bit. But, besides hangover, embarrassing pictures wait hand in hand with dialed calls log from 2 or 3 in the morning. Sure, it is embarrassing to see that, and especially to remember that, but it is perfectly normal. Everyone does it, and if anything, it is flattering to be the one person someone thinks about when drunk. At least for me personal it is.

But then we have the mean spirited people wagging their crooked fingers of judgement and waiting for any opportunity to condemn, judge and criticize us. So comments bellow the pictures of our fabulous champagne fueled mirror selfies appear €“ things like €œEmbarrassing! or €œShameless mirror selfie! €

Yes, of course, while buzzed taking a cliché mirror selfie seems like a good idea. While sober, it would not €“ but who cares? You do whatever you want in you night out, and it is a perfectly innocent thing.

But the mean people would often continue beyond small remarks about our selfie adventures. People genuinely hurt others with slurs, negative body comments and harsh words about our personality which is kind of absurd if we know it comes from a person that does not know us.

In the end, it is alright to feel hurt. The sole reason we have opinions is because we are not numb robots who circulate the city without emotions or thoughts. It is perfectly fine to feel like you are punched in the gut, as long as you stand up and continue walking €“ a bit stronger and a lot more dedicated to expressing your opinions despite it all.