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Women In Suits

Women In Suits – How To Rock A Suit Better Than Boys

We’ve seen many women in space, yet why can’t we see more women in suits?! The trend that was so common, indeed dominating amongst the women of 1930’s and 1940’s is now easier than ever to wear – with an enormous deal of chic upgrades and an impressive variety of styles.

Anything boys can do, girls can do better… And the women in suits are the proof!

Suit yourself – because nothing says style and power like the women in suits.

Figuring out your work style is not an easy task, and it can be very discriminating to the big part of your wardrobe. Finding a work uniform that complies some basic office rules and the ideas of professionalism often leaves us with only a few (usually overly simple and dull) options to wear.

However, while many of you might think that suits fit exactly into the latter category, we’re gladly and decidedly going to show you how wrong you are – of course, all for your sake.

Don’t look at us in wonder, because when we say that suit is a godly invention sent to enliven your wardrobe, we mean it! And while you definitely can’t fail by picking a dark color suit, from black and navy to dark purple and green – we suggest you let your imagination wander a little.

Black suits are a doubtlessly a great choice, incredibly easy to combine with literally anything and appropriate for a wide variety of occasions. Add to it a unique, colorful shirt or a big bright handbag and you’re ready to go. However, colorful suit pieces along with the extraordinary, patterned additionals like shirts, or for a more casual look,T-shirts, shoes, vests, bags  – are truly giving you a great field for creative playful and stylish combinations.

Here are the few inspirational stylish tips from the flawless women in suits

How to wear a suit? Well, it’s totally up to you – the main rule is that there are no rules at all.

However, what we find particularly fun about women in suits are the funky masculine-feminine combinations. Breaking the strictness of the classic, somewhat sharp suit design with a pair of bleached jeans or a loose blouse adds a great deal of charm to the overall outfit and turns it into a chic and casual daily wear. Joined by a pair of hipster glasses, an interesting neck-piece or attractive jewelry, the suit will lose most of its serious air and give you the right image of a contemporary, confident and stylish woman who is creative and loves to experiment. By adding and removing the more casual items, you can dose the amount of uniformity of your outfit and adjust it according to the nature of the occasion.

If you’re lacking inspiration, we are bringing you a few simple tips

Let’s start with what to wear beneath the suit jacket. While practically anything works, we recommend you to choose a fancy shirt or a camisole (or even a short-sleeved sweater) made of smooth, gentle materials (e.g. satin, silk) for official and dressy occasions like job interviews or meetings. While fashionable prints and patterns are appropriate too, solid colors guarantee to keep you on the safe (and more formal) side.

If you, however, have no desire or intention of silencing your stylish cravings with monotones, you’re more than welcome to play with patterns. The only thing you need to remember is to make sure that all the patterns and colors work together. One golden advice for the women in suits is not to overdo the patterns – if one or two layers are already patterned, you’ll want to hold back with the third one.

Keep in mind as well that the suit jacket doesn’t have to be necessarily followed by the classic pantsuits, and the other way around. For example, gray pantsuits can look incredibly stylish paired with the soft, pastel pink fuzzy sweaters and a suit jacket makes a great top to the cool leather pants or a pencil skirt. For a more ‘effortlessly cool’ look, you can also play with the crop tops, oversized blazers, and printed T-shirts.

And while the flats are a totally go-for-it option, keep in mind that there is something inexplicably sexy about the women in suits rushing around in their high heels.

Check out our photo list of the chicest women’s suits combinations