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woman's everyday problems

Woman’s everyday problems on adorable illustrations

Woman’s everyday problems on adorable illustrations! I haven’t seen anything cuter than these amazing illustrations that we,girls, can all relate to! They are so funny that you simply cannot help yourself but smile and laugh.

Woman’s everyday problems illustrated by Romanian artist

Young Romanian artist Cassandra Colin currently based in Montreal, Canada is portraying all of the woman’s issues, that we are all so familiar with. She said :   €œI draw comics inspired by my life and experiences. I enjoy laughing at my awkward self and ranting about silly misfortunes such as being born with curly hair. €

And we all know very well this awkward and funny situations when we think we are going to look awesome on the picture and on reality it’s totally different! Or when we try to put eyeliner and get precise line and instead of it you get a thick black something on your eyelids!

It is totally hilarious when she illustrates the situation of not having a date for a long time! It is sooo, soo funny! Morning after the good night sleep doesn’t look always good, especially when we woke next to someone really special! And selfies! Whole another story! Expectations that you’ll look stunning on the photo only to find out that it is far away from desirable!

Cassandra also illustrated the famous woman’s sentence “I have nothing to wear” although our closets are full. We all know that right? And when it comes to going to the seaside the true nightmare of every woman begins! Suddenly, all the cozy, winter days come to take revenge on us! And the mirror is our worst enemy! Nothing looks good!

The illustrations about cake are just like that – the famous struggle of all of us with delicious sweets that are real temptation! Take a look at these adorable illustrations about woman’s everyday problems. We are sure that you are gonna find yourself in almost every one of them!