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Winter Outfit Ideas

With the coming of winter our wardrobe has to adapt to the colder weather. That’s not entirely that bad at all, since winter combinations have a lot to offer. After all, you will be wearing much more clothes than you did in spring and summer, and that means a lot more ways to combine those clothes as well.


We prepared several absolutely stunning combinations you can wear during winter. They are guaranteed to make you look great and you warm at the same time.

Shoes are important, you don’t need us to tell you that, and boots are even more important during winter. Take a nice pair of ankle boots, preferably made of leather and colored in either light brown or light green, and combine it with a classic pair of dark jeans. That combination will always work, and even more so if you put on a Canadian tuxedo on top of it and wear a sleeves coat over it. This outfit is both fun and gorgeous, and you can’t ever go wrong with a good pair of buts and good classic jeans.


If you want to add a bit of color to the winter, you can try the following attire. Put on a metallic midi skirt and combine it with a pastel sweater, preferably the color of peach. Wear some sneakers with the combination and you will look very cheerful, all the colors will make sure of that.


Another fun winter look is the good old rock n roll girl look €“ together with jeans and a black leather jacket with a lot of studs and belts attached. You will need an edgy looking black top too, and a pair of flare jeans for the optimized effect. Let you hair loose and enjoy your cool and chic clothes!