Wineglass centerpiece

DIY Wineglass Centerpiece!

A Wineglass Centerpiece might just be perfect for your next birthday party!

Simple things are many times the most classy and elegant. A wineglass centerpiece proves how easy you can add a beautiful and elegant touch to any table whether it’s for your next dinner reception, or even a coffee table in your living room.

Creating this chic and elegant centerpiece is really simple. All you need are: three wineglasses, three 1.5″ to 2″ tall candles, a few artificial flowers of your choice, and if you like, you can also add ribbon to each candle.


Step 1: Turn wineglasses upside down

Wineglass centerpiece


Once you have the 3 wineglasses upside down, you then insert your artificial flower either facing up or towards the side that you desire.


Step 2: Add candles

Wineglass centerpiece


Place one candle on top of each wineglass base. You can choose to either leave the candles free standing or hot glue them onto the base if you like. Pick the candles of your choice, it can be any color, shape or even scented candles. Having scented candles will add uniqueness to your centerpiece.


Step 3: Light up your cadles

Wineglass centerpiece


All done! Here’s a simple, unique and elegant centerpiece idea that you MUST try out!