I am addicted to you - Why You Should Wear a Wig This Halloween 1

Why You Should Wear a Wig This Halloween


Wigs  tend to be highly misunderstood creations. People often avoid wearing them because they find them uncomfortable and hot. But believe me when I say that there is no better way to enjoy your Halloween and have the best costume in your circle than by wearing fake hair.

For all those people who have had problems with  wearing and carrying wigs  in the past, I have good news. These common problems can easily be averted by knowing the way to selecting your perfect wig.


It is advisable to spend a tad bit more money and buy slightly better quality hair rather than buying cheap ones which are made using artificial materials and can cause itchiness. Therefore, making the task at hand, much easier. To make your look much more realistic, use a wig cap to hide your actual hair.

If even now, you are still not convinced or are looking for a little bit of encouragement, here is a list of some of the best Halloween costumes which will be incomplete without a wig. So get ready to wear the most outstanding costumes ever known to mankind!

  1. Rapunzel and her hair as bright as gold


    Poison Ivy and her red hair


  4. Marge Simpson in her signature blue hair

  6. The Mad Hatter in his curly red looks