Why Women Should Take Control Of What Happens After A Date



Recently i stopped dating a 25 years old man. I thought he was closer to my maturity level than the 20  years old college boys. In one of my night out with his friends, they told me they could not imagine  themselves getting into a relationship soon. Though I was not looking for anything serious at the time, i  realized how immature this group of older men was. I then realized that I did not want to be in a  relationship with him and became uninterested in wondering how interested he was in me.

Then I asked myself, how often do women really realize they do not want to become more serious with  a man? The sad fact is majority of women are the ones actually wondering whether or not men are into  them. While men are raised to be strong and independent, women are raised to marry these men. There  however exist a few women out there who are taught to be strong and independent too but mostly they  are raised to dream of their wedding day and the love we see in movies.

Men are simply given power to decide when or if they want to propose. It is actually a scientific fact that  most men are left brain dominant while women are usually balanced between right and left. Women let  emotions become a factor in their decision while men usually think emotionally, logically and simply.  Women need to pay attention to the simple fact that we should take control of our heart.

Why do we give them all the power while you can have the power to make whatever you want to  happen? Women are loyal to a fault if interested in a person. They simply stop playing attention to other  guys and patiently wait until the guy realizes that you want it official. If we stopped worrying too much  on whether men are into us, we would no longer be disappointed.

If you are the relationship type of a girl, you know by far there are too little men interested in serious  relationship at young age. If you stopped worrying too much about men’s opinion on us, you will realize  that not only will you be happier but also will find a relationship you will be interested in. If you are  constantly worrying about whether it will work or not, you will only sabotage yourself. Anything you  have to force or worry about is not meant for you. Enjoy each other company until you decide whether  or not you want something more. Realize you deserve exactly what you want in a relationship.