why do people cheat

Why do people cheat?

Why do people cheat? The question as old as the civilization itself. If you’ve been cheated in the past you know that horrific feeling of betrayal, anger, sadness and helplessness when you realise that someone who you loved has deceived you.

All sorts of questions come to your mind at that moment, from the inevitable ones, “what did you do wrong”, “was it your fault”, but the most prominent one is: why? You cannot help yourself but ask why did that happen and what is the cause.

The worst part of being deceived is questioning the entire relationship that you had with this person. Suddenly everything seems like a lie and you wonder if that person ever really loved you.

However, answering to those questions was never an easy task. Human beings are complex with all spectrum of different emotions, needs and desires. We tried to find for you some of the most relevant answers in order to grasp this complicated topic.

Why do people cheat – reasons behind the affairs

When someone is having an affair, it is always a symptom of deeply troubled relations in a relationship. It is never a simple thing that comes and passes, it is a signal that some issues in the relationship must be discussed and resolved.


1. Lost intimacy, excitement or passion in the marriage or relationship

People tend to take their partners for granted, especially in the long relationships. They just stop trying and all the little things that were so important, like showing their love to one another, trying to keep the partner’s interest, showing affection,  just cease to exist. Other partner starts to feel disappointed, rejected and unloved. After awhile, if the opportunity comes along, he or she will probably try to find all those emotions at someone else.

Some people mark the excitement of new things as the reason why they had an affair. A desire for the new and forbidden things are part of human nature. Sometimes, curiosity and boredom don’t end well.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they stopped loving their partner, but the very problem must be discussed. And, after an affair nothing will ever be the same.

2. Attempt to find a way out of an unhappy relationship

It is a strange  thing that some people tend to have an affair when they actually want to get out of the relationship. It appears to be that they don’t have the courage to confront the other person and to make a decision to end the relationship. Instead, by having an affair, they are in fact showing that they want out. An affair is a serious thing and they count that it is the best reason and cause for the other person to end their relationship. Although twisted, the logic in this behaviour is clear: they just don’t want to end the relationship by themselves, they wait for the other person to do it.

3. Middle-age crisis

The fear of getting older is sometimes so strong that people find different ways to fight it. This is particularly noticed in men  when they reach their 50s. Afraid that a life has passed them by and that they will loose sexual power and youth strength, they try to find younger women so they will feel less old. They engage in various compensating activities, like buying new cars or expensive clothes in order to be perceived younger or more successful.

People cheat for many different reasons and sometimes the cause of the problem is not just one. However, once lost trust is very hard to be regained. Emotional scars may fade, but they will never go away. Keep that in mind if you ever feel tempted to cheat on your loved one. The steaks are high and the end results are always deep, emotional pain and loss of your loved one.