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Why Is Everyone So Crazy About Kendall Jenner?

If you’re still wondering what all the fuss about Kendall Jenner is – well, simply, just look at her! This gorgeous Kardashians’ half sister is not half when it comes to anything else. Living life to the fullest, this young pretty lady has walked some major runways and has tirelessly filled media space and city billboards for some time now. And we just can’t get enough of her!

What’s so mesmerizing about Kendall Jenner is not only her extraordinary youthful beauty. We, together with the rest of the world, love her for her refreshing, down-to-earth attitude and easygoing approach to life. Despite being one of the most sought for supermodels of today, this gorgeous young lady acts nothing like a ridged, spoiled diva.

We love everything about Kendall Jenner

The mouth-opening transformation saw a quiet, shy little duckling turn into a most elegant, graceful swan that is now a fashion icon and idol to women of all ages all around the world. And while her sisters earn media attention mostly based on their risque outfits and scandalous lifestyles, Kendall’s been building her career slowly and silently, but steadily.

Despite having participated in the family’s hit reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians since she was 14, Kendall has patiently planned and aimed for only one thing – to break away from the show and build her own name as a model. And she did just that. Having worked with some of the fashion industry’s most esteemed designers and the biggest brand names, there is barely a soul today who doesn’t recognize the uniquely lovable face of the young star.

Determination and desire for self-realization are, therefore, another two things that we appreciate so much about Kendall Jenner. While her almost incredible beauty, that is so effortless, natural and radiating, captures our eyes on whatever place she appears, it’s her lifestyle that is truly inspiring and impressive. And lucky for us, she lets us be a part of it through her (easily addictive) Instagram account. Take a look:

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