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Why Fashion Week Will Never Dictate My Personal Style


It’s been years since I let something like Vogue or a catwalk manage my own style.


I used to compose freelance at a fashion magazine while I was in college. My proofreader was really the fiercest lady I have ever met. She was one of those incomprehensibly cool, older women who young college girls dream to be one day.

She wore men’s garments like they were made for her. She made oxfords and tuxedo jeans look provocative. She was a legend.

She took me to my first Fashion Week. I figured I should take on the dress up as if it were an costume ball.


After all, Fashion Week is a zoo of sorts. Everybody dresses like he or she is at the circus, in the extremes of high fashion. Fashion Week is all shading blocked couture and exceptional eye cosmetics.

Be that as it may, my editor let me in on a little industry mystery, and it was guidance I have always remembered: “It’s the bloggers who dress like absurd comedians at Fashion Week,” she said, splitting her consideration between myself and her PC screen. “All of the editors, the ones who have all the ability to settle on choices for the whole form world, they are the ones running from show to show in flats and black jeans.”


I understood the most compelling individuals of all don’t let fashion manage their style. The critical men and women in the fashion business don’t need to dress the way fashion instructs them to because THEY choose what is FASHIONABLE.

The frauds are the ones who let the runways let them know what they can and can’t wear.

The realest young ladies are the ones who dress the way they dress because they like the way they look, not because somebody let them know it was the “right path” to look.

As much as I cherish fashion, I would never let trends or catwalks let me know I’m not permitted to wear something I like. I make trends. I don’t follow them.