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When Do You Change Your Razor Blades

When Do You Change Your Razor Blades

For most young ladies shaving is the most noticeably awful and getting the ideal shave is dependably an issue. This is most likely happening because that you’re not changing your blade regularly enough. In any event I most likely wasn’t. Jeanine Dowie, a dermatologist, prescribes you change your razor each 5-10 shaves to keep away from bumps, redness, and diseases. In any case, this number differs in view of the thickness of your hair and the zone you are shaving.

In the event that you shave consistently and have more thinner hair, you ought to change your blade every 10 days. In the event that you hair is thicker, you ought to be changing your blade each 5-7 days. Here are a few tips to focus when it is a good time to change your razor and how to make it last more:

When to change your razor blade:

Dr. Oz says that if your razor starts to snag or pull, it is getting dull and you ought to supplant it. These dull cutting edges can bring about cuts and razor burn. On the off chance that there are any traces of rust on your razor sharp edge, you ought to change it quickly. A razor ought to slide easily over your skin.

I am addicted to you - When Do You Change Your Razor Blades

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How to maintain your razor blade:

After every shave, you ought to verify you rinse the sharpened steel with high temp water until all abundance hair and shaving cream is off of the edge. Take it out of the shower so it dries totally. This will prevent it from rusting which will keep the razor sharper for more.