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What to do When You Dont Feel Good Enough

This is a post I’ve been intending to compose for some time, however justifiably it’s somewhat of a tricky point to get your head around in only a few sections (or for my situation, four hundred). Perhaps I’m somewhat of a cynic (and by possibly, I mean I without a doubt am), yet regardless of who we are, our main thing or how our lives may appear from an outcast’s perspective, I decline to trust that any one individual can be totally and absolutely content with their lives. Also, at this time? I’ll be straightforward with you, I’m kinda not.

I’ve been attempting to make sense of an approach to insert this little nugget of data into my site, however every way – be it a whole blog post, an entertaining story, or only a slight slant – never fully appears like the right approach to present such a delicate subject. At any rate, what I’m attempting to say here in the most ordinary way imaginable is that I have depression. I’ve had it for a considerable length of time, I take medication for it and I’m alright. That is essentially all I need to say in regards to that at this moment. I’m stating it in light of the fact that I feel like that makes the premise for this whole blog post. For hell’s sake, in case I’m gonna get personal with you all, I should jump head first into the circumstance. What’s more, I should post a photograph of myself in my undies while I’m busy as well. Would it help on the off chance that I let you know I haven’t shaved my legs in a week? Excessively personal? Goodness okay then (see, even us sad gals can make jokes now and again!).


So hands up in the event that you’ve ever felt personally victimised by social media? Chances are, whether we were in a stadium brimming with individuals, everybody would have their hands up, including Regina George. The media is extraordinary – don’t misunderstand me – however it likewise sucks so damn hard now and then. In the event that it wasn’t sufficiently awful having models and celebrities out there looking astounding, we now have “normal” (for absence of a superior word) individuals making us feel crap about what we look like or the lives we live. We all know Photoshop and filters exist, and we all know there’s no such thing as flawlessness, yet every time we go on Instagram and see a flat stomached, impeccably made-up young lady (or fellow!), or somebody who might be listening as far as anyone knows carrying on with the life we need to lead, the sensible parts of our mind switch off and out comes the green headed monster. Include a sprinkle of negative feelings in with the general mish-mash and you’ve got yourself a 5* formula for self-hatred. What’s more, goodness man, is that a slippery slope to go down.

I think about what ‘not feeling sufficient’ comes down to is basically feeling as if you ought to be a sure path, instead of simply feeling. I see such a variety of individuals in my position travelling the world, going to gatherings and leading a glamourous way of life that occasionally I feel as if that is the thing that I ought to be doing. I get it’s just FOMO (fear of missing out) yet ten times over. Which leads me on to ways that you – and I! – can help our selves when we have a feeling that we’re sufficiently bad. Be that as it may, you know – only for the record – you’re really incredible as it seems to be..