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What NOT To Wear On The Valentine’s Day

Within the sea of ideas on what to wear on the Valentine’s Day, there are not too many wise reminders of what NOT to wear. Whether you’re single or not, we’re pretty much sure that, if you’re spending the night out, you’ll want to look and feel sexy.

To spare you any potential obstacles to your impeccable look, we’ve prepared a list of what not to wear on the Valentine’s Day.

The list of things you don’t want to wear on Valentine’s day:

  1. Sweatpants.

OK, before turning a mad face at us, there’s something we’d like to say. Whether you’re into Valentine’s or not, it’s the day when everything’s about love. So, even alone at home, with no darling in sight, shower yourself with all the well-deserved love and appreciation. Take a moment to feel how beautiful and valuable you are. And, what the hell, if you feel that the sweatpants are truly the best way to go about it, we say only – go for it, girl!

Valentine's day


  1. Spanx

If you’re going home with your significant one after a romantic date, the last thing you’ll want to be dealing with is an undergarment that requires a team of people to take it off.

Valentine's day


  1. Complicated lingerie

Sexy, strappy underwear and corsets are meant for the comfort of a bedroom and are not very easily hidden under a night dress, so you might consider taking it on once you’ve reached home.

Valentine's day


  1. Overly high heels

If you don’t feel (and look) comfortable walking in it, then what’s the point really? Just ditch it.

Valentine's day


  1. Overly sheer top

Showing too much skin is not only very likely to earn you a cold, but also a lot of unwanted attention that you don’t want to waste such a romantic day dealing with.

Valentine's day


  1. Overly tight dress

Yes, we understand it looks super hot. However, have you imagined sitting in it for a couple of hours? Crossing your legs? We  repeat,  everything that’s not comfortable enough is better left in the closet.


Valentine's day

  1. Too much red

Something red is cool. Sexy perhaps. A red top. Or a red lipstick. Or a red skirt. But we beg you, don’t wear it all at once.

Valentine's day



  1. A bottle of perfume

Unless you want your darling to be left choking in the clouds of perfume or have its bitter taste all over his mouth as he tries to kiss you, you might want to be easy on it.

Valentine's day

We hope you found our guide on what not to wear on the Valentine’s Day helpful.


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