being beautiful

What means being beautiful? Do you feel beautiful?

Being beautiful is something we all want, right? But do you ever wonder what does it mean TO BE  beautiful? Is it really all about the outside look, or the inside one actually matters?

This post is for all those of you out there who do not feel beautiful from the outside. You are asking yourself why? Well because you should feel beautiful.

Every single person is beautiful in its own way. It is, we people, who are making those less beautiful to feel the other way.

How many times did you talk about someone in a bad way, or even make fun of them? How many times did you just turn your head to the other side when you saw unattractive person?

If you personally, feel beautiful, how would you feel if someone else would treat you like that? Think for a second…. Not good, right?


Being beautiful is a feeling everyone should experience


Try, once, to sit somewhere in public, where a lot of people are walking around. Then pay attention to as many people as you can, the ones that are not beautiful to you. Then, try to find something beautiful about them anyway. Pay attention to details. Look at their eyes, the way they smile, the way they are looking at you maybe. Take a look at their faces, hair, skin. Pay attention to the way they walk, or talk. Look at their bodies, certain parts, etc.

I am sure you will find something beautiful on every single person. Because some do not have an overall beauty, that is true. But they have something beautiful, even if it is only their eyes. And this is why we all are beautiful. But most importantly, it is YOU and ONLY YOU who must find beautiful things about yourself and appreciate them. The other thing we all must be aware of is that what matters  the most is the beauty from the inside. If you are a good person with a big heart, you are among those most beautiful in the whole world!