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What it’s really like to make wings for the Victoria’s Secret models


Using a pair of wings on Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show means that you have done : You are an angel , part of a very rarefied group of models. Victoria Secret Angels are paid very expensive, and among the most recognized models in the world , but there is another advantage to find someone else does, and that is to use the wings.

1. Take a small city to make wings. The pieces are made at home by designers Victoria Secret and other companies that the former employer Courtney Final Frontier Design also makes space suits for NASA




2.  The wings should be protected to walk models. Models must walk in his massive swings not and if not properly fixed in the body , fragile wings are broken.



3.  The wings are long break during testing and demonstration. Between racks , things get hairy, and with so many people working in confined spaces , models are needed to turn around their wings . This means that broken light bulbs, torn straps of the harness, and more. When Courtney worked orchids wings Alessandra Ambrosio , she sewed orchids again until the last minute



4.  Machinists are not allowed to see the models. Most of those who are not working model series are the men who have to carry heavy equipment around, and they are told by their employers that they should not make eye contact with the model. ” The models are the goddesses of this world,” Courtney said . ” It ‘s a funny world. ”