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What are the hairstyles in 2016 going to be like?

The answer is just the one you’re going to love – hairstyles in 2016 are going to be whatever you want them to be.

It’s because the hairstyles in 2016 won’t be the slaves to the tons of mousse and styling gel. The hairstyles in 2016 won’t make you their own slaves either. Instead, last-minute coiffure, inspired by the very moment’s mood will do better than fine. So, put that hairspray down and embrace your messy curls or electrical hair and let it float with its unique and natural charm.


hairstyles in 2016

The hairstyles in 2016 are not complicated or starchy, they are free, easily nurtured and simply made at home. Low tied buns, knots and even pigtails, whether messy or sleek, are very desirable this year – for they can be worn in any form of daily activity as well as creatively be combined with a fancy dress and glossy accessories for the night outings.


hairstyle in 2016 hair bon

However, before you start thinking that the hairstyles in 2016 are going to be effortless and boring, we bring you tiaras. Yes, that’s right, the tiaras! And not only that – this year’s trends are bringing the whole bunch of big and glittery hair accessories to the front rows. It’s not only to distract the curious eyes from what might be not the most perfect hair texture after a rainy day or an exhausting night, but it’s also a great way to elegantly animate any style you want to pull off. There’s a great variety of hair attire to be used – from simple pins and clips to outstanding golden decorations and tropical flowers.


hairstyle in 2016 style

But that’s not all the hairstyles in 2016 are going to be showcasing! Remember bangs? They’re back! Long, short, extremely short, wavy, messy, perfectly symmetrical, funky asymmetrical, tousled or tamed – it’s totally up to you! However, in case you’re not brave enough to permanently adorn your face with bangs, you might even put on the fake ones, or simply wear a wig with bangs when in need of a cute but stylish change.


hairstyle in 2016 half up

For the days when you simply don’t know what to do with your hair, remember that the braids are another hit of the year, tight, tidy, and functional – as they might help you keep all that hair off your face.


hairstyle in 2016 short chic

In short, hairstyles in 2016 are casual but chic. They don’t know about a bad hair day. They are all about you and your natural beauty. They are compassionate towards your moods and your, at times, hectic lifestyle. Hairstyles in 2016 don’t want to see you spending the year in front of the mirror, being dramatic and inconsolable over untamable morning hair. Instead, they encourage you to embrace each of those lovely hair the mother nature gifted you with and beautify them with adorable decorations that used to be a must-have in your school days. So, go find that old little treasure case of yours, or even better, your grandma’s and dig out those shiny pins and dreamy tiaras.