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Weird Beauty Tools


Regarding the matter of DIY beauty, in some cases you need to get outside your customary range of familiarity . . . yet, that is the place the magic happens. While taking in another strategy, you can turn into a makeup MacGyver €” utilizing lash glue all over your face, utilizing genuine paintbrushes on skin. We’ve found you can utilize essentially any household item at your disposal to make a magnum opus.


Rather than utilizing trial-by-error to suss out the mystery operators beauty tools stowing away in your home (however that is surprisingly fun!), we consulted with the experts backstage at New York Fashion Week. Read on to figure out why dental floss, dish soap, and other irregular things should be in your kit.

Dish Soap


Bok Hee, the lead hairdresser for Shea Moisture at Tracy Reese, keeps a container of dish soap close by during Fashion Week. “Once in a while the models’ hair can be sleek when originating from another show,” she said. That can get tricky when the model needs to have squeaky clean strands for the runway! “I utilize it rather than shampoo €” it cuts directly through the oil.”

Try: Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid ($4)

Paint Rollers


In spite of the fact that they were made for painting your walls, these stylistic decor essentials can also paint your body (and in way less time than it would take to utilize a brush). That is the reason Val Garland, lead makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics at Hervé Leger, keeps them helpful.

Try: Whizz Polyester Mini Paint Roller ($9)

Dental Floss

Tom Pecheux, lead makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics at Altuzarra, shared that he utilizes dental floss frequently, including at an Anthony Vaccarello show and for a shoot with Gisele Bündchen. “Dip it in a liquid formula, then stamp it on to skin,” he said, “or dip it and roll it up the face!”

Try: Johnson and Johnson Reach Floss ($1)