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Wedding Selfie Stick Is Finally Here


This is the moment we have all been waiting for! ReemAcra finally introduced a bridal selfie stick at their fall 2016 bridal collection show. What is a bridal selfie stick you ask? Well easy, it is a perfect device to show your grandchildren how hot grandma was at her own wedding! A product we have all been waiting for!

And sure, there is a million photographers there but all professional photographers seem to capture are pictures of us creating a mess while eating or frowning at someone in the distance. Like in numerous other instances, we and only we are able to capture a perfect picture of our face. Only the owner of a face is able to produce a perfect selfie! That is known to all the selfie takers, and that does include all of us.Now you can finally capture the best day of your life under your conditions. Best of all it is white and looks absolutely in theme with classic weddings.

This is a significant shift in how runway shows are run. It is noticeable how much designers try to cater to the needs of social media. Dolce and Gabana did something similar as their models snapped selfies as they walked the runways of Milan, and Christopher Bailey reviewed newest Burberry collection in an exclusive Snapchat story.

Times are truly changing, and high fashion is closer to the ordinary person now than it ever was. That means new inventions too, as we can see with this lovely bridal selfie stick. Seriously, how awesome it is to have intimate, playful photos of just you and your hubby after the big ceremony. Big pictures with all the guests are all well and fine, but rarely anything in the world can match the appeal of a blurry drunk selfie.