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Wedding pillow – perfect detail for a dream wedding

Your special day is near, you are happy and excited, but also hectic and a little bit nervous about all the details! After all, as every bride, you want your wedding to be perfect! Sometimes, choosing the best wedding dress, beautiful centerpieces, and bouquets, makes us forget about other details like the wedding bearer and the wedding pillow! And such details still contribute to the overall impression of your wedding!

The precious moment of putting the rings on your fingers and making vows that you are going to love and cherish one another until death does you apart should be followed with details that will embellish the ceremony and give the touch of style and perfection! That’s the moment you will remember forever, and you would definitively want that even wedding pillow and wedding bearer reflect your style.

So, let’s check out the wedding pillows, some interesting designs that may be perfect for your wedding.

Wedding pillow – small details for a perfect wedding

Wedding pillows should be carefully chosen so they would blend into the whole concept of your wedding. From the colors of the pillows to their very design, you have   a variety of choices and the only thing you have to do is pick the right one for yourself.

If your  important day is on spring, the wedding pillow with spring motifs will be ideal  for your wedding.

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If you want something truly unique that will make your wedding unforgettable, the wedding pillow with ivory ostrich and peacock feathers will give the whole moment a touch of sophistication and high elegance.

There is an incredible story about the symbolism of the peacock feathers. Peacock was a symbol of immortality in the ancient cultures. In ancient Greece, the peacock was the Goddess Hera’s patron bird. According to the legend, she put the eyes on the feathers as a symbol of all-seeing knowledge and the wisdom of the heavens.

The peacock replaces his feathers every year and he is also a symbol of renewal. So, the symbolism on your pillow shall give a meaning that your love will last forever and it will always be new!

wedding pillow

For something that is more classic style, you can pick an elegant wedding pillow with plum and purple details, which will make a great contrast with the white fabric, giving the eye-catching touch!

wedding pillow

For trendy, young brides who want some modern design, the wedding pillow with black fuschia and hot pink satin with polka dot prints can be a perfect solution.

wedding pillow

For the brides with refined and sophisticated taste who choose classic wedding style, the white wedding pillow is always the best choice!

wedding pillow