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Wedding cakes – 15 most adorable on Instagram!

When it comes to the weddings, every bride-to-be knows how important wedding cakes are!

Every girl in the world dreams of her perfect wedding, of celebrating the love and commitment and devoting the life to someone she loves. We all know that marriage is a serious stuff, it is a promise to be there in good and in bad, to share the path of life and to love and cherish one another.

That’s why the wedding day is a special day for every girl: it’s not just the day when she is going to tell her loved one  ‘yes’, it is also a day where she wants her family and her friends to be surrounded by beauty! Every girl out there knows that wedding cakes are a representation of style – they are the part of the overall picture that she wants to send to the world “Hey, here I am, this is my beautiful wedding and my special day”.

This is the reason why people look for the best confectioner in the area just to be sure they would get their perfect wedding cakes. It is the endless field of creativity, where the imagination of the candy-man can reveal in all of its glory. One thing is for certain: that piece of art will not be forgotten!

The 24 most astonishing wedding cakes on Instagram

In the gallery below you can see some marvelous wedding cakes that people made for the special wedding days. The roses are always details that cannot be a failure, but there are certain unique motives that are so inspiring: gentle pearls for a wedding day or a special elegant golden touch, almost like royal details.

The wedding cakes with birds are simply adorable, almost like they are from the Cinderella fairytale. With that blue color, this cake looks amazing!  Behind every one of these astonishing wedding cakes, you can foretell the couple’s happiness and how much effort is devoted to this art!

Take a look yourself at these beautiful wedding cakes and if you already have someone you love, those ideas can come in handy! Enjoy the beauty of these wedding cakes!