We talked with gorgeous curvy top models

Plus-sized fashion exploded in popularity these last few years, making having a beautiful, vivacious body trendy once again. See what today’s top modelshave to say about the current state of this branch of fashion industry.


Erica Jean Schenk, who appeared on the front page of Women’s Running magazine, says that feminine beauty is how a woman carries herself and the women around her. Her view of the plus sized industry is that that word is simply a category, but firmly believes all clothes should be made the same, just in different sizes in order to adjust to different people.


Brittnee Blair is a model whose working history includes being proclaimed a €œCurvy Model of the Year € by Essence magazine. For her, beauty is being able to project an air of confidence around you, and having courage to stand up for what you are and what you believe in. Plus sized is just a statement of measurement for her, and the term does not bother her at all.


Denise Bidot was the first plus-sized model to walk two runways for €œstraight-sized € clothing companies. She sees beauty as ability to be happy in your own skin. Denise feels that it’s empowering to be deemed plus sized and able to be respected in the fashion industry.


Tess Holiday is the first plus sized model to be signed for a major model agency, Milk Management. She says plus sized is just a term, a descriptor, and nothing more. Beauty, says Tess, is celebrating what makes you unique. Her idols include RuPaul, Divine and Miss Piggy, among others.  From what we could gather, all the plus sized models in the fashion industry are proud that beauty is finally considered a celebration of what makes a person unique and wonderful. Our collective perception has finally strayed away from the supposedly perfect, skinny, look.