i am addicted to you -We need to ditch the guilt and start enjoying ourselves

We need to ditch the guilt and start enjoying ourselves

All little girls hear the same things while growing up: €œDon’t swear! Sit up straight! Smile! € While boys were out there getting dirty, playing sports and wrestling each other, girls were supposed to help out in the kitchen and wear pretty colors. Luckily, times have changed, and these rules simply don’t make sense any more. Unfortunately some women still l feel guilt when doing some things that were once considered €œungirly €. We are here to tell you to ditch the guilt and do whatever you damn well please.

If you want to eat chocolate, rip out that tin foil and gorge on the lovely thing until you can hardly breathe anymore. Do think about your health, but at times it is perfectly acceptable to eat an entire pizza while watching a movie! Food shaming needs to stop right about now, and the best way to make it stop is to eat as much as you want and stop hiding while doing so.

Smut novels are another thing we should never feel guilty about. No one should think lesser of you if you enjoy a good old cheap romance novel from time to time. Sure, Russian classics are well and good, but sometimes you just need a fantasy story about prince charming, true love and hot sex. And that’s perfectly fine.



Going out is a perfectly normal thing, and when we go out we usually drink. Be it a man or a woman, a person is bound to have one too many drinks from time to time €“ and that is absolutely fine. If you feel like unwinding a bit, hit that cocktail bar, and ignore the voice in your head that says you should feel guilty about it!