I am addicted To You - We can finally start wearing pajamas on the street 1

We can finally start wearing pajamas on the street


Did you ever wake up in the morning and felt like just a few more hours of sleep would be the ideal thing? But the alarm clocks are ruthless; they always cruelly remind you that is not an option. So instead, you just want to roll out of bed in your pajamas and walk the streets in them. With the latest fashion trend, that just became a very real possibility!

Recent New York and London Fashion Weeks completely overhauled how we view pajamas so far. Now, the former sleepwear has been transformed to a completely street worthy, chic and trendy clothes.

You can now start wearing the wide, comfy pajama pants with your jackets and blouses while doing way to day activities. It seems like pants with long horizontal lines are the most popular, and models usually paired them with black leather jackets and espadrilles. Colors vary from grey to white, with light blue and light green included. All in all, they should be pastel and subtle. Plenty of jewelry should be worn with pajama pants, but not metal or gold but thread wool and leather necklaces and armbands especially.

What a time to be alive! It seems fashion trends took a turn toward satisfying both human need for comfort and aesthetics with this newest trend. So do not be shy, take your favorite pair of pajama pants, put on some wide black sunglasses and release your inner child to the streets of the city you live in. If your colleagues, friends or family say something €“ just remind them of countless models who walked the runways in New York and London dresses similarly to you! We can only hope for a new pajama-exclusive collection by world famous brands in the near future.

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