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Ways to mimic Ciara’s style


Ciara is a hit maker whose uncanny ability to create memorable songs is perhaps only rivaled by her superior fashion style. Her mark on the music industry is secured a long time ago, and she has decided to slowly conquer the elusive world of fashion recently.

Minimalistic style is what she chooses most of the time, and it suits her more than well. Her look is polished and refined, and she always dresses according to the occasion €“ which is a commendable trait to have. Knowing all this, it is only natural we feel the need to steal her ideas at times, and be as well dressed as she always is.

If you are out with the girls or at a fancy dinner party €“ Ciara advises wearing a sleek blazer and a silk blouse. It looks particularly stunning if you combine it with a mini-skirt. It is a great look for elegant but still creative happenings.


When you’re out in the club or at a party, Ciara wants you to wear a sexy semi-sheer slit-front dress. Looks will be turned towards you, and be prepared for many admirers and plenty of attention!


With autumn approaching, days will get chilly. No longer can we walk around with our skin exposed to the sun and eyes of passerby’s €“ but Ciara still has ways to look as stunning as ever. Her sharp camel coat, denim shirt and tall boots are just made for walking among the streets yellow from fallen leaves.

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Work is important, of course, but it is also a place where most of us meet a lot of people. To look great before, during and after work, Ciara has a tuxedo-inspired shirt that she advises you tuck into your soft trousers. Colleagues will be in awe, and you will look great!