I am addicted to you - Ways to determine if your love is real 3

Ways to determine if your love is real


Real lovers have a tendency to unintentionally show us what true love is.For that experience, we are always grateful, no matter if life did not have a happy ending in play for that relationship. Sometimes opportunity to experience something so essential for only a little while is more important than long, lingering, safe experiences.

Sometimes, while connected with someone via a bond of true love, you realize how it’s better to let go of one another and provide the space necessary for personal growth. But that end does not mean love ceased to exist. Signs of true love, when it is present, are evident.


Love someone first for what he is in his core, not what it is in correlation to you. We often enjoy seeing others as supplements to our own ego. True love is seeing and recognizing what a person really is, and loving that unconditionally. When a person becomes a crucial part of ourselves, than we know love made us inseparable no matter what happens.


Acts of unselfish affection are what show the presence of essential love. Even if you can’t be together for one way or another, it does not mean you cannot be happy if he finds someone else. Seeing someone happy and being glad about it means loving someone.


When we love another person, we always have his or her back. Things happen, life separates people and we move on our different paths, but when a loving person calls €“ we answer. Past actions play no part there, nor do current circumstance. When you truly, wildly love someone, the greatest feeling comes when he calls and asks for our advice or assistance. Love is not only attraction, it is a my serious force that binds and enriches us forever.