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Ways Lack Of Sleep Affects Your Health And Appearance


It is often difficult to find the time in your day to actually manage to have a proper amount of sleep time, especially in this day and age. Work demands your time, and when you finally get home it is either going out with friends or the seductive call of Netflix’s humongous library that keeps you awake. One more hour quickly turns into two or three, and soon the pale lights of dawn show up on the horizon and you are left with impossible little amount of time dedicated to sleeping.



We all know lack of sleep is not healthy, but recent studies showed that it is much more harmful than we previously imagined. Not only will your general health worsen, but your looks too will significantly suffer. Skin conditions, hair shedding, damage to your teeth and weight gain are just some of the consequences on a large lists of stuff that happens if you don’t get enough shut-eye every single night.



It’s especially bad if teens don’t get enough sleep. Their bodies are still developing and it is during sleep that the body naturally regenerates and heals, so interrupting that process is particularly harmful.  With sleep deprivation come acne, black circles under your eyes, and even eczema and psoriasis. They are all of course only a consequence of the more serious health hazards you are succumbed too. We all know the healthy glow a well-rested person has when they wake up, and when you lack that it means your body is suffering tremendously.



Bottom line is you need sleep. Yes, we know there’s a ton of thing you need to do in a day and it’s easiest to just ditch a couple hours of sleep, but the truth is   – sleep is likely much more valuable than whatever you might be doing.