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Want to wear the most extreme runway clothes in real life? Feel no shame.

Belted blazers are night-out appropriate.

Blazers if worn right can give you a certain elegance that no other dress can achieve. But I think if a blazer is done right, it is way sexier and a complete club attire than any other outfit. The trick is in leaving the shirt, putting on some pasties and fashion tape, and Cara Delevingne-ing the hell out of your look. Versus Versace had models tramping down the runway in blazers belted at the waist, which is cute but in reality, and I know you all will agree with me, no one would it.

Sexy lace is for all of us.

As much as I’d like to think I can be a Victoria Secrets model and amble out with my nips out, that’s just not me. Also, the rasping circumstances most likely blow. As a substitute of flashing your coworkers, grandmother or whoever chooses to walk past you that day, couple your sheer lace top with a solid lace bra. Pair with a fitted skirt and mid-rise heels. For the love of all things holy, stay away from the €œleather and lace € look, and don’t go too emo on your beauty bits. Keep your claws a pretty ballerina pink.

Don’t give the cold shoulder to Off-the-shoulder

Mixing two trends is the new go-to look. Off-the-shoulder tops have an inclination to only look sizzling on girls of a very exacting bra size. If you’re too large, it looks out of proportion. If you’re too small, you look like boy. This crop is all wrapped up, so it will decrease larger busts and stress on smaller ones. Also, get first dibs on the orange trend by pairing a bright blue crop with high-waisted sunset-orange pants. A choker and a pair of metallic sandals are also compulsory for a totally Solange-approved look.

Blue like the sky.

Blue eye shadow might be kept for ’80s night at your local college bar, but this season it made a refreshing comeback. The models at Marc Jacobs were all killin’ a spot of bright blue in the inner corners of their eyes, and it was both contemporary and mermaid-y all at once. Offset the cerulean shadow with a dark red sweatshirt styled with a mid-length navy skirt with a slit up to  there.

Sequin is the new black.

Sequins, like sparkle, kind of get a bad rap. We’re forever told to keep the glitter to a minimum, yet this season it was all about layering all that gleams. Pair your sequin dress with minimalist favorites. Think strappy sandals or booties and Rihanna-worthy dagger-like earrings.