waisted jeans

Waisted jeans make a fresh comeback on the fashion scene

Waisted jeans are trendy again! Who would say that the style from the famous series Beverly Hills back from the 90’s would have such a huge come back in 2016?

So, the fashion gurus from Levis unanimously say that we should forget about mom jeans and the bootcut and that there is a new shape of denim! These waisted jeans were Marylin Monro style and they were called Wedgie by the Levi’s designers !

Yes, the name is a little bit wacky because we all know the meaning of it! It crosses your mind the scenes from the school when your underwear is pulled up around your waist, doesn’t it? However, this new shape of waisted jeans is designed in such a way to accentuate the wearer’s bottom. It is a super-tight fit at the waist and through the tighs  and as the tag says “hugs your waist and hips, showcasing your best assets”. This new denim irresistibly resembles the design Marylin Monroe wore in the Misfits.

Waisted jeans – new Levi’s style and fresh ideas in the jeans fashion

When you try this model, you cannot help yourself but remember the good, old one Levis’ 501, that we all had, back in our teenage days. But, there is a difference that you will notice right away – the waist is higher at the back than on the front. This is purposely made this way in order to accentuate your bottom when you wear them.

The skinny jeans were all about legs. This new denim is all about the bottom, so if you want that kind of effect, go for it! These jeans will lift it and frame it perfectly. After all, remember all those teenage stars from Beverly Hills 90210 that wore this piece of item and it looked great on them!

So, the new comeback is here! We are sure that you’ll be lured to shopping with this new style as an option!