Vibrant Rainbow Freckles

Vibrant Rainbow Freckles – The Newest Beauty Trend You Must Try Out

The beauty world just can’t get enough of rainbows, and these vibrant rainbow freckles are just the latest proof.

The rainbow obsession first started with the unicorn-inspired hairstyles, then it quickly slipped down to the eyebrows, and even armpits – making us witness some of quirkiest looks. However, the newest rainbow beauty form is even more surprising.

This newest beauty essence comes in a from of the most wonderful, sparkling vibrant rainbow freckles, made with the usage of the pointillism technique. However, while it does sound a bit complex, it isn’t, really – you don’t need all the skill of a professional makeup artist to make these dreamy bohemian freckles all by yourself.

These must-try vibrant rainbow freckles are easily done at home

Dabbing tiny colorful spots in the places where real freckles might appear, on the cheekbones, across the nose or, if you really, really like it, all over your face – should do the thing and let you have your whimsical vibrant rainbow freckles shine on your face. All you need is a skinny, fine makeup brush, a somewhat steady hand and a couple of liquid lipsticks or gel eyeliners. The color selection is totally up to you, but keep in mind – the brighter the better.

Before letting the sceptic inside you win and before you write off these beautiful vibrant rainbow freckles as bizzare, check out the photos we chose for you and see if you can resist this insanely pretty makeup art. While they are not very likely to become a part of our everyday makeup routine, we are happy to have these cute little vibrant rainbow freckles around just to remind us that makeup can still be unique, original, artistic and experimental. These gorgeous little rainbows point out that beauty is not to be uniform or strict, but rather glittery and joyful.