5 Incredibly Useful Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Being a girl can be hard at times. We get it. This is why we’re bringing you a few useful life hacks to make your life at least slightly easier. Hang in there, fellow girl.


Here are some of the most useful life hacks to have you covered when everything feels chaotic and disorganized


1- Remove red wine spots using white wine

If you’re wearing a bright color dress on a fancy dinner in a restaurant that just can’t go without a glass of red wine, it’s pretty guaranteed you’ll end up messing up your pretty outfit with some wine. For some reason, white attracts red wine – just ask the red wine lovers.

However, if you still haven’t learnt the lesson and another white shirt got stained by the delicious red fluid, don’t cry. Use some white wine to remove it – white wine neutralizes the red color on your clothes and makes it much easier to remove the spot afterwards using the traditional methods. Talking about useful life hacks.

Useful Life Hacks


2- Organize your makeup using a magnetic board

Seriously, how many times did you find yourself cursing while trying to find your mascara on a hectic morning, running late for work? Say no to makeup items that like getting lost by simply sticking them all onto a magnetic board fixed to your bathroom wall. For sticking the magnets on your products, use some hot glue.

Useful Life Hacks


3- Get rid of the deodorant stains with a help of dryer sheets

Yes, there is a solution for those painfully annoying white stains on your black top – rubbing a dryer sheet in circles until it absorbs the stain.

Useful Life Hacks


4- Clean your mascara wand with hot water

Because we all hate the clumpy mascara. Put it under the hot water and dry it off with a paper tower. Simple as that.

Useful Life Hacks


5- Use shower hooks to organize your purses

It seems that every girl on this planet is struggling with trying to tidily store her purses. With this genius idea, the struggle ends. Place the shower hooks into your closet and store your stylish treasure.

Useful Life Hacks