Unusual animal friendships - a dog and a lizzard

Unusual animal friendships and you think you have seen it all

If you think you’ve seen it all, unusual animal friendships would prove you otherwise! Love has no boundaries! Friendships are really important for every one of us. They give us a sense of belonging and safety and they are our shelter when life throws us punches.

Friendships are place where we are loved and accepted and where we can be ourselves.    It is  an endless source of joy and happiness. In the animal world it’s the same thing! They make friendships just as we do, spend the time with each other and go to all sorts of adventures! However, there are some unusual friendships that just amaze us!

Unusual animal friendships – love has no boundaries

Parrots and cats together? I don’t think so! But this cute little friends couple will just melt your heart! Enemies on the paper, best friends in life!

The story of Manni and Candy, a wild boar piglet and a puppy is heart warming! Manni, the piglet, was found starving in the field. The Dahlhaus family brought him home and he immediately became friends with their Jack Russell terrier  Candy. According to their owners, they play all they long and piglet is starting to learn how to bark so he can communicate with Candy.

Pippin, while she was still a baby deer was adopted by Kate, the great Dane. They spent a wonderful time together while Pippin was growing up. Later on, Pippin moved to the forest to have a family of deer of her own, but she stills visits Kate and her human owner.

Some of the animals took some unusual responsibilities! Meet Mable, the chicken who takes care of the puppies and keep them warm when their mother is not around. And a beautiful, caring mother Torque with her little, unusual puppy named Shrek who is actually an owl!

We are sure that these friendships will melt your heart in cuteness!