Spring Wardrobe Cleaning

An Ultimate Guide To Your Spring Wardrobe Cleaning

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If it’s spring and if you have a closet, this applies to you. Don’t run away – spring wardrobe cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and to prove you so, we’re bringing you the secrets of getting the most out of your closet and its all contents right from the fashion insiders.

Get down to business and start your spring wardrobe cleaning to get your clothing organized and yourself ready for the upcoming fashion seasons.


Check out our essential tips for spring wardrobe cleaning


Spring is a season that should be stress-free by default. To ensure your mornings are carefree and smooth, and to avoid that inevitable, overwhelming sense of overall clothing chaos, start early with your spring wardrobe cleaning. Assess what clothes need to be replaced or what you need to invest in for the next season.

Make a plan and stick to your strategy. First of all, you need to accept the fact that the chaos in the beginning phase of spring wardrobe cleaning is inevitable – if you want to do it the right way, you need to open your closet and empty it to the bottom, then weed through all your stuff. Sort all your clothes into three piles: store, keep, donate.

Spring Wardrobe Cleaning


Embracing the purge is another rule of successful spring wardrobe cleaning. Getting rid of some clothes that have been a part of your wardrobe (and life) for many years can be a challenging task. However, remember that it’s well worth conquering your separation anxiety and throw out everything you haven’t worn in a year or is not from an important person or a brand. Trust us, you won’t even miss it once it’s gone, and in return, you’re going to have a sweet airy closet as the final result of clever spring wardrobe cleaning.

Spring Wardrobe Cleaning


Protect the clothes you’re storing by giving them another wash and storing them properly into canvas boxes to preserve the fabrics.

Spring Wardrobe Cleaning