typical plank mistakes

Typical plank mistakes- learn how to do it correctly

Be aware of typical plank mistakes because if you don’t do this exercise properly then there is no point in doing it at all.

In the world of fitness and workouts, plank became one of the most popular exercise.

This exercise is one of those that will help you work on many different muscles in the same time.

You will work on your arms, back, legs and most important part, abs.

You must be aware though that plank is a very demanding and challenging workout. Even though it looks simple.

While you are doing plank, make sure you do it properly which means that your body has to be in the right position. It is hard to stay in this position, which is why people get relaxed after maybe a 10 seconds and they are not aware that they are doing it totally wrong, so there will be no effect. You can even hurt yourself. So, to do this exercise properly, make sure that your body is in the following position.

Arms should be separated to be in line with your body. Lower yourself on your elbows and make the right 90 degree angle. Your body must be in a straight line. Don’t push your back up or down.

Your head must also be in the line with your body. Don’t lift your head up, or keep your head down.


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If you noticed such mistakes make sure you correct them. As we said, it is very important to do this workout properly. We also must say that this is only one form of this exercise. There are many more but this one is most typical one and the one people like the most.

If you didn’t do plank so far, you better start because it is really great exercise that will bring great results very fast.