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5 Typical Habits That Could ruin your relationship

There are some typical habits people have that are poisoning their relationship. No matter how hard they try to keep balance and harmony, things just don’t work because people are not only having these bad habits but they also don’t do anything about them. Many don’t even try to change their behavior. What is worse, by the time they finally realize what have they done, it is already too late. The damage is done and it is a huge question can it be fixed.

Having a strong relationship is not easy. You must not only work hard on your relationship but you have to work constantly.


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To make things better and to keep a strong relationship here are 5 typical habits you should avoid


1- Complaining  

Constantly complaining about the things can become very annoying. That will make your significant other nervous, you will fight more often and that will bring problems in your relationship. Instead of complaining, try not to say anything, or say it in a positive way. For example; dinner just sucked! Instead you can say; the dinner was ok, not completely by my taste but thanks for your effort. Next time just please change this or that. You see? It is simple, and no one will get hurt or angry. The same goes with everything else.


2- Criticizing  

The second thing is the habit of criticizing your partner. Instead of critic, try to give a compliment or express yourself in a more positive way to neutralize the negative effect of the critic you have.


3- Contradicting

It is just unbelievable how many times partners are contradicting one to another. If it is in public things get even worse. So, first of all don’t do that in public and second, if you have something to say that is opposite to your opinion, do it nicely.


4- Controlling

This is stressful and can literally kill the relationship. Especially if controlling your partner goes over every single limit of humanity. Don’t control or say what should or should not your partner do. Find a common language.


5- Say “Yes” instead “No”

When being in a relationship, especially long one, people start to use responses like, 2no” or “maybe” more often than before. Try to avoid this. When something comes up, think about it and try to use more yeses.