I am addicted to you - Types of friends you need after breakup 2

Types of friends you need after breakup


There rarely is a time we need our friends more than when we’re going through a tough breakup. While our romantic relationships come and go until we find a perfect one, true friendships last and provide the best support in hard times. Friends differ, however, and each tends to provide support in their own unique way.


Hubby Girlfriend  is a partner, a best friend and a companion on your life path. So naturally, when you lose a romantic partner, she is there to fill the void and help you through hard times. She is there to remind you breakup is just a phase, and that one day a person who actually deserve you will come and introduce himself your life.

Realist Girlfriend  says it as it is. She is there to remind you why this breakup is a good thing, why it had to happen. At times you two will, of course, list all the personality flaws your romantic partner had and be grateful he is no longer with you. She is especially useful in first stages of grief.

Optimist Girlfriend  hands out hope and share stories of joyous future. This friend will constantly keep reminding you that it is no your fault, that life is unpredictable and in no time something life changing could happen, something that will make your ex look like nothing more than an unpleasant pebble stuck in your shoe in comparison.

Nothing is more integral to having a quality life like a solid group of friends. One can never have too many girlfriends, but these three make the core of you group. With a tight squad behind your back, nothing is of limits and obstacles are easy to overcome. It Is important to always offer support to them too.