Spaghetti Straps Combo

Funky T-shirt And Spaghetti Straps Combo Is A Major Hit Now

T-shirt and spaghetti straps combo is the newest old trend that we are not really sure what to think of.

Blasts from the past are what the trendsetting Kardashian/Jenner sisters are specialized in. So when we see them recycling an old trend, we’re not overly surprised. We do, however, wonder if this freshly recycled t-shirt and spaghetti straps combo is here to stay.

Witnessing the recent major comebacks of many cool ’90s fashion styles (choker necklace, distressed denim and such), it was just a matter of time when someone would dig out and revive the funky t-shirt and spaghetti straps combo. And here it is again amongst us, greatly thanks to the likely most famous sisters in the world (or their talented stylist Monica Rose).


The t-shirt and spaghetti straps combo marks a big comeback


The first one of the sisters to rock the chic t-shirt and spaghetti straps combo was Kendall Jenner who wore the style after the MTV Movie Awards. After the show, the supermodel slipped into a more comfortable outfit that featured a pink slip dress made of silk, layered over an ordinary white t-shirt and paired with sexy thigh-high boots. We can safely say that the young beauty successfully pulled this look as she managed to look effortlessly chic, yet comfortable and cool at the same time.

However, only a week later, her big sister Kim’s attempt to sport the layered look ended up looking kind of bizarre thanks to the fact that the reality TV star decided to put together a blue silky slip gown and a sporty black turtleneck. To make things worse, she ‘completed’ the look with a big fuzzy black coat.

And finally, ‘anything Kim can do, I can do better’, thought Kylie. Sporting the risky trend on the third day of Coachella, the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister confirmed that the t-shirt and spaghetti straps combo is a big thing now.