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Tricks To Make Mosquito Bites Disappear

Tricks To Make Mosquito Bites Disappear

With warmer days come some bad things too. Mosquito bites are one of those bad things. Whether you are spending the warmer weekends camping in the nature or you are just brunching outside,mosquito will become part of your company too.If the bite happens you will find a couple advises on how to soothe the red marks or how to cover it up.Also you will read how to prevent that the red marks appear at all.

Dr.Jonette Keri gives a few advises on how to soothe those red marks.

Plan ahead

“Mosquitos can bite at any time.I like children’s insect repellents because they contain a lower percentage of the insecticide DEET.” If avoiding chemicals completely is more your scene,try a natural alternative.

The same way you slather on sunscreen before going out a good idea is to put a bug repellent,even when you think that there is no risk.


Soothe the sting

During the summertime at least a few mosquitoes will leave their mark on your body.To soothe the irritation which comes with the bite,Kerry suggests trying ice,which can help reduce the swelling.Immediate relief comes with relief stick Bite MD and also apple cider vinegar can be applied as a home solution.


Cover up

Celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstain that you use a calming lotion that contains calendula to soothe and calm the bite you already have.

Choose a creamy, full coverage concealer which matches the best with your skin tone or you blend two different shades until you create a perfect one for you.

“If the bite is very inflamed,you may need to use a shade that is slightly darker than your skin,which will make the bump appear flatter.”

Apply it with a tapered concealer brush,let it sit for a while and than stipple into skin with a sponge.