I am addicted to you - Traveling With Your Partner Here are 6 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive 3

Traveling With Your Partner Here are 6 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive


Travel is the not only one of the main pointers but it is also the most accurate test for relationships. When you’ve finally designed your whole trip, crammed your bags and boarded the plane, follow these tips. They’ll assist you to make the most of your journey with your partner:

1. Converse openly.


You may think you are acquainted with each other’s pet-peeves and random quirks, but we’re all different when we travel. We’re more exposed. Talk about your stories of previous travels: the dreadfulness and the victories.

2. Don’t feel ashamed to share your bathroom incidents. They happen.

Pooping is a natural part of the process. If you’re not feeling well, talk about what’s wrong. If you don’t, you’ll distance yourself and be nervous about what’s wrong. Be open, laugh at yourself (and your partner) and you’ll keep your anxiety level low.

3. Plan surprises and astonish each other!

Share your daily planning. Arrange a few activities catering to your partner’s likes every now and then to surprise him or her  with something random.

Keep your plans flexible though. Rather than booking the day from sunrise to sunset, try building excitement throughout your day.

4. Tone down your high expectations a bit.


There’s no such thing as the €œperfect € trip. Keep in mind that there are going to be mishaps along the way. So what if things don’t go as planned? Embrace it, and enjoy the small discoveries as a result.

Also keep in mind that you have three priorities: health, safety and laughs. If those are achieved, you’ve nothing to worry about

5. Give yourselves a break  (as well as time for sex).


Exploring a foreign space can be tiring, especially when you’re always eager for what’s next. Take a moment to unwind even when you don’t think you require it. And something else that’s good for the two of you is sex. Good thing your partner is right with you.

6. Don’t use each other as a reason not to immerse yourself in the culture.

Be present in the cultural differences between your usual surroundings and the place you’re travelling in. Dive into the destination together and keep your eyes open.