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Traveling Abroad

Traveling Abroad? You Need to Read This First!

Do Some Research Before Traveling Abroad!

Traveling Abroad? It’s absolutely rewarding to travel across the globe to different countries and embrace the people and their culture in each country and see tons of beautiful places that you never imagined existed.

But to do this, you should also be aware that not every culture is the same as yours and therefore what may seem completely normal to you may be inappropriate, disrespectful, or taboo in other countries. Here are a few pointers you should know when traveling abroad:



  • This is probably one of the countries that you should do plenty of research on before visiting since many  things are prohibited. You could get fined for doing any of the following: smoking in public, having your pet in public, eating or drinking on public transportation, feeding the birds, spitting, urinating in public and littering, among many other things.
Traveling Abroad -Singapore



  • Tipping people is just not part of their culture, so don’t do it.
  • If you are invited to a home and people are taking off their shoes, just do the same. There’s usually an area right inside the entrance where people take off their shoes.
Traveling Abroad -Japan



  • People are very informal here, so addressing people by their first name is the norm and completely ok.
  • Nudity at beaches is accepted and people will undress in front of you, but you are expected to look away, otherwise it’s seen as disrespectful.
Traveling Abroad -Norway



  • Remember to carry cash with you at all times since there are many places that only take cash.
  • If you’re giving flowers to someone make sure it’s an odd number 1,3,5,7. Giving an even number of flowers is only for the dead people.
Traveling Abroad-Russia



  • You should never blow your nose or pick your teeth at any restaurant, café or bar as this is seen as impolite.
  • Having a glass of wine is acceptable, but getting drunk is seen as a disgrace.
  • Never make the OK sign with your thumb and index finger as this represents an obscene gesture.
Traveling Abroad -Turkey



  • You are not allowed to kiss in public as this is considered public obscenity and could maybe even get you incarcerated in some places of India.
  • Don’t make any physical contact with the opposite sex such as a hug or handshake, unless the person offers the hug or handshake first.
Travel Abroad -India


United Kingdom

  • Don’t ever dare to cut in line, they hate it.
  • Never ask a person how much money they make, it’s not polite.
  • You have to know someone very well in order to invite them to your house, otherwise don’t invite them.
Travel Abroad -United Kingdom



  • Don’t expect people to be on time always, it’s a cultural thing, if you have a meeting at 1PM, it will most likely start at 1:15 or 1:30pm. That’s completely normal, so just be patient!
  • Almost everyone hugs and kisses when they greet, even if they just met you. Don’t feel uncomfortable, it’s completely normal.
  • People will cheer for you and feel proud of you if you try anything spicy or down a shot of tequila.
Travel Abroad -Mexico



  • Talking about money is taboo! So, never talk about money as is considered a dirty topic.
  • Don’t expect people to know English like in other European countries, the French educational system is not good at teaching foreign languages.
Travel Abroad-France



  • If you even attempt to make the Nazi sign, you might get arrested for it.
  • Never wish someone a happy birthday before the actual day as there is a superstition that something bad could happen to them before their birthday if you do.
Traveling Abroad - Germany